The Stunning

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The Stunning

1990 was a pivotal year in Ireland. The national football team had done the country proud at the World Cup in Italy and Ireland had her first lady president. There was also a new soundtrack to that summer, the debut album by a young band from the west of Ireland. Coming out of Galway city, The Stunning took Ireland by
storm and shifted the focus from a Dublin-centric rock scene to the provinces, paving the way for many more artists to come. They released a string of hit singles, two number one albums and toured relentlessly, building up a following that would make them one of the most successful Irish bands ever. Their debut
album ‘Paradise in the Picturehouse’ spent five weeks at number one in 1990 and became one of the best-selling Irish albums of all time. Two years later, the follow up ‘Once Around The World’ also hit the number one spot, and the band went on to sell well over 100,000 albums in Ireland alone. They toured the US and the UK with the likes of Bob Dylan and the B52’s.

The band became a household name and was the soundtrack to a whole generation of people brought up in Ireland during the late 80’s and 90’s. Their diverse musical influences of alternative rock, soul, blues and country resulted in an eclectic mix that was difficult to categorize but loved by audiences.


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